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Reproductive system health

Digestive system health

Musculoskeletal  system health

Pregnancy health/massage

Stress reduction

Pain resolution

Health education

Wellness encouragement

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Arvigo Maya Abdominal Massage:

     This non-invasive external massage addresses conditions of the body, mainly digestive and reproductive system imbalances.  The goal is to identify areas of tension, injury and congestion and open the flow of blood, lymph, nerve function and energy to allow optimal health and function of each organ and your system as a whole.

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Therapeutic Massage:

Whether you are needing to focus on a specific chronic pain pattern, relax and alleviate stress tension, or some combination of both, massage is an amazing tool.  From specific work to overall focus, we can customize your session to address your needs.

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Pregnancy/Postnatal Massage:

Massage during (and after) pregnancy can make a huge difference in your comfort level, optimize the flow of fluids to the baby, and prepare you both for a successful birth!  I work with your musculoskeletal system (as with regular massage) to address any pain or discomfort you are having, and also work around your uterus to optimize flow and freedom of movement for both mom and baby.

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Vaginal/Perineal Steaming:

Fertility issues, chronic pelvic floor/vaginal tension or back pain, uterine or (some) vaginal pathologies, past trauma, painful intercourse, physical and/or energetic stagnation...these are some of the reasons a 'V-Steam' might be for you!  Come in for one here in the office, and I can walk you through how to do them at home!  If we schedule a steam to take place during your massage session, there is no additional charge.

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