Arvigo Maya Abdominal Massage

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Booking a Session:

Please note that there is an extensive intake form to complete before your initial session. You will get more out of your session if you complete it by the day before! (links below). 

WHEN to schedule your abdominal massage

~Initial Session:

Includes highlights of intake, self-care massage instruction, castor oil pack (if indicated), massage of abdomen and some combo of: head/neck, legs, back, hips, plus a plan of action going forward.

90 minutes, $175

Ancestral Honoring/Reparation or Low-income option: $125 (one/person). *Details below.

~Followup Sessions:

Ongoing massage and support towards your goals, troubleshooting variables, supplemental therapies if indicated (i.e. vaginal steaming, herbs, referral).

60-minutes, $90

90-minutes, $125

(includes extra body massage)

90-minutes including steam, $135

(30-minute steam, 60-minute massage)

~Child Sessions (12 and under):

Session will vary based on the needs of your child that day. Parent presence during session required.

Initial child session, 60 minutes, $125

Followup child session, 60 minutes, $90



50% charge for cancellations without 24 hours notice, emergencies accepted.

Please feel free to contact me via the contact page, phone or email if you have specific questions.  New clients must schedule online.


Why abdominal massage?


Centered on the reproductive and digestive systems, this hands-on external technique is used to soften restriction, reposition and improve function to abdominal organs, create overall homeostasis (balance), and shift symptoms away from dis-ease.  Its applications reach far beyond the abdomen itself, as it opens the flow of blood, lymph, nervous system pathways and Ch'ulel (Chi, or energy) through our center.


With a strong background in structurally focused massage, I bring a wide lens to each session. Our time may include, in addition to the abdominal massage, specific muscular work in areas related to your core imbalance. This may include trigger points, myofascial release, Swedish massage and/or hands-on energy work.  A warm castor oil pack is generally applied as well, unless significant inflammation or other contraindications are present.



Some of the many applications for these techniques are:




-Lack of appetite, gas and bloating.

-Acid reflux, GERD.

-Inflammatory disorders of the intestines.

-Difficulty with nutrient absorption.

-Urinary issues.

-Recovery from surgery (6-8 weeks post-op).

-Disordered eating support.





-Fertility issues.

-Hormone balancing (depending on cause).

-Childbirth recovery, including cesarean scar work and bladder, bowel and digestion challenges.

-Miscarriage or termination recovery.

-Menopausal issues.

-Musculoskeletal issues.

-Recovery from surgery (6-8 weeks post-op).



-Increasing flow of blood, lymph and energy into and around the uterus to promote fetal and maternal health.

-Gently nourishing structures and tissues to support the hormone cascade during pregnancy and birth to flow without difficulty.

-Identify structural issues affecting fetal position and motility (I do NOT turn babies, but sometimes they turn themselves!).

-Troubleshooting side effects of pregnancy.

-Supporting emotional journey through pregnancy.



-Nervous tummy.

-Dysbiosis associated with spectrum kiddos.






-Musculoskeletal issues, including back pain.

-Headaches, hormonal and tension related.

-Recovery from surgery (6-8 weeks post-op).

-Trauma recovery.

-Chronic dis-ease.

Intake Forms:

*Ancestral Honoring/Reparation or Low-income option.  This option is available for two reasons:

      -You are of indigenous descent to the Americas (Canada, US, MX, Central or South America) and parts of this practice are yours...come                               experience them! There are threads amongst all of the traditional practices of the world's original people and societies, so I choose to include               this region together.
      -You are truly low-income (you don't have a college education, making ends meet is a consistent challenge, you are not undergoing IUI/IVF.