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Therapeutic Massage

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Booking a Session:

Between the intake form and our check-in, we should be able to get clear about what you are needing from your session. I look forward to working with you!

*Please try to fill out the intake form before your session!  You will get more out of your session if I have the info beforehand. The form links are below.  



Why Therapeutic Massage?

I come from a background of structural bodywork, both physical and energetic.   This means that I take your symptoms, posture, lifestyle, stress level and daily activities into account when making a treatment plan and working with you.  This can play out in different ways, depending on your preferences and goals.

If you are coming in particularly to address stress and the impact it's having on your body and life, I would generally take a more 'global' approach and really try to address the whole body in a session.  Specific pain patterns can definitely dissolve working this way, but the focus is wider.

If you are coming in with a chronic pain issue, we really look at what is causing the pain and how to release it, which means working locally and regionally.  For example, pain behind the shoulder needs to be addressed at the pain site, but also in the whole ribcage and entire shoulder and neck.  Posture would also need to be discussed and troubleshot.

Either way, my work tends to be slow and at an intuitive depth.  I like to get into the tissue and the muscle attachments, but I also don't believe in 'no pain no gain'.  If your nervous system is trying to get away from me, we are just simply having a battle.  My goal is to meet the tension and help it release, while gathering information about the pattern.  To be effective, this will involve various techniques at various depths.

If you are wanting 'deep tissue'  I have a handful of people I can recommend!  There is a moment for every method, and I support you getting what you need, even if it's not from me!

Please feel free to contact me via the contact page, phone or email if you have specific questions.  New clients must schedule online.


50% charge for cancellations without 24 hours notice, emergencies accepted.

Intake Forms:

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