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When to schedule your abdominal massage

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Coloring page from my pelvic health coloring book, The People's Pelvis!

Please feel free to contact me via the contact page, phone or email if you have specific questions.

New clients must schedule online.


When should I schedule my abdominal massage?

This is a popular question, and it has different answers for different situations! It is actually easier to tell you when NOT to schedule your abdominal massage.


Avoid scheduling your session (modifications can be made to these situations if necessary):

-While menstruating (we can modify based on your flow that day, but ideally you will come outside of menses).

-During an acute flareup of your condition (we can modify during a moderate flareup in some cases).

-Ovulation: This massage can be stimulating to the system, and so *can* cause ovulation to happen earlier than expected. If you are coming in the same month you are trying to conceive, schedule your session as soon after menstruation as possible (but still keep an extra eye on your cycle tracking signs), or come in before you are in a trying-to-conceive month. Modifications will be made if you are trying that month.

-I don't do belly work prior to 20 weeks in a pregnancy, but you can definitely receive pregnancy massage anytime before that!

Absolute contraindications (do not schedule during these circumstances):

-If you are having any sign of infection.

-If you are having a new and mysterious pain.

-If you have an undiagnosed mass.

-If you have a fever or any symptoms of an infection or virus.

-Before or during treatment for cancer. 

-If you might be newly pregnant (after ovulation (if trying), IUI or embryo transfer). To the left is a graphic of the stages of a menstrual cycle. The follicular phase (yellow/green section) is the time to come in if you are trying to conceive 'the old fashioned way'. This would be days 6-13 in a textbook cycle, but most importantly, before you ovulate.

-Anytime you are injecting hormones into your abdomen in preparation for an IUI, egg retrieval, embryo transfer, or following  a trigger shot.

...but DO come in when the time is right! I look forward to working with you, and please reach out with questions!

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