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Fertility massage Twin Cities MN

Sorry, no walk-ins. You must have

an appointment to be seen.

Payment links:

Awakened Nature is truly tipping optional! In an effort to eliminate stress in all ways, I invite you to release the mental (and financial) clutter of tipping. This does not mean that they are disallowed if they only give you the good-feels, but they are not expected. Please enjoy the tip-free flow if that feels grooviest to you! Follow the instructions on the payment link if you still wish to tip...either way, thank you! 

Grand opening discounts! $20 off all Initial Arvigo sessions, $10 off all other sessions for the remainder of 2023! 

*Payment links ARE updated with discounts.


Abdominal Massage:

Initial Arvigo Session $185 + tax: Payment link

Followup Arvigo 90 $135 + tax: Payment link

Followup Arvigo 60 $110 + tax: Payment link

Initial Ance/Repa/Low-inco $100 + tax: Payment link

Initial Arvigo Child $120 + tax: Payment link

Followup Arvigo Child $100 + tax: Payment link

Prenatal and Postnatal Massage:

Initial Pre/Postnatal Massage $135 + tax: Payment link

Followup Pre/Postnatal 90 $135 + tax: Payment link

Followup Pre/Postnatal 75 $125 + tax: Payment link

Initial Lower Income Postpartum Massage $100 + tax: Payment link

Therapeutic Massage:

Therapeutic Massage 60 $100 + tax: Payment link

Therapeutic Massage 75 $125 + tax: Payment link


The People's Pelvis $21.99 + tax: Payment link

Tips and Miscellaneous Payment: Payment link


*The Ancestral Honoring/Reparation/Lower Income option is intended for:

  •    People of indigenous descent to the Americas (Canada, US, Mexico, Central     or South America). Parts of this practice are yours...come experience them! 

  •    People who are truly low-income (you don't have a college education,                making ends meet is a consistent challenge, you are not undergoing                  IUI/IVF).

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