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Abdominal massage MN
Referrals make circles!
My referral network is full of folks that I either have direct therapeutic experience with, or have multiple positive referrals to from clients, colleagues and friends.
~PKWellness (Phyllis Kung).
~Austin Acupuncture Studio (Misty Reed--fertility focused).
~Songbird Acupuncture (Arden Yingling--women's and children's health).
~Sage Acupuncture (women's health and fertility).
~Affordable community-style acupuncture by region:
     ~Neighborhood Acupuncture Project (EAST).
     ~South Austin Community Acupuncture (SOUTH).
     ~Acupuncture Together (NORTH).
Childbirth Classes:
~Conscious Birthing (Lanell Coultas--HIGHLY RECOMMENDED!)
Chiropractic Care:
~Dr. Abby Blackburn (I Am Total Wellness).
~Hoffman Family Chiropractic (Myra Hoffman--women, children, prenatal). 
~Ginger Webb, Texas Medicinals (herbs, herbal consultations and herb school!).
~Marika Alvarado, Of The Earth (Traditional Indigenous Healer).
~The Herb Bar (herb shop in Austin): 
~Mountain Rose Herbs (purchase herbs online).
Massage Therapy:
~Myo Massage (quality therapists from relaxation to pain management, same day appointments possible). 
~Katie Pudhorodsky (head, neck and jaw specialist). 
~Breann Peña: (therapeutic, Swedish thru deep...'melt you' kind of massage!). 
~Irasema 'Iris' Reza Bailey (bodywork/so
badora, doula, Reiki healer, Mexican Traditional healer).
~Colleen Mikeska (pregnancy massage).

Abdominal Massage Therapy:
~Irasema 'Iris' Reza Bailey (Mexican abdominal sobada).
~Michelle Brown (Arvigo abdominal massage, craniosacral therapy, vedic astrology).
~Shana Parker (Arvigo abdominal massage).

*Check these sites to search for more abdominal massage practitioners in the area:
     Abdominal Therapy Collective
     The Arvigo Institute
~GB Khalsa
~MotherBloom Midwifery
Womb Care:
~April Bullock
~Central Family Practice
~See all 'Midwifery' listings above...midwives do well-woman exams, too!
Pelvic Health Physical Therapy:
~Ladybird Physical Therapy
~Hands on Physical Therapy
~Origin Physical Therapy-formerly Sullivan (women and men's pelvic health).  
Family Health MD:
~Central Family Practice
Yoga Therapy:
~Brooke Binstock, RYT
Traditional health and healing:
~Irasema 'Iris' Reza Bailey (bodywork/sobadora, doula, Reiki healer, Mexican Traditional
~Rosa Tupina Yaotonalcuauhtli, LCSW (Native Mexica Curandera). Email @
~Marika Alvarado (Traditional Indigenous Healer).

Photo by Melanie Shaw
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