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Prenatal and Postnatal Massage

pregnancy massage austin tx

Booking a Session:

*Please note that there is an extensive intake form to complete before your initial session.  Links below.


Initial Session:

Intake highlights, lots of massage, including belly work after 20 weeks (gestational age), 4 weeks post vaginal birth, 8 weeks post cesarean birth, if desired.  Self care massage instruction as needed. 


Followup Sessions:

Ongoing support and troubleshooting, more massage!

Please feel free to contact me via the contact page, phone or email if you have specific questions.  New clients must schedule online.


50% charge for cancellations without 24 hours notice, emergencies accepted.

Intake Forms:


Why pre- and postnatal massage?

The structural, hormonal and spiritual/emotional changes experienced during and afterwards pregnancy need support! Maintaining your comfort, preparing for labor and birth, and recovering after this amazing event can be greatly assisted with massage.  Here are some of the specific benefits:


-Strengthens uterine ligaments

-Decreases ligament discomfort

-Enhances optimal function and alignment of all reproductive organs

-Supports optimal fetal alignment 


-Decreases chronic muscle tension, restores balance to overstretched muscles and ligaments.

-Improves pelvic alignment, addressing sciatic and hip pain.

-Improves sacrum mobility and alignment to facilitate an efficient birth.


-Improves blood flow to mother and baby

-Improves blood flow to pelvic floor muscles

-Improves lymphatic circulation and decreases incidence of edema (swelling)


-Releases tension in ribcage and diaphragm, making it easier to breathe more deeply

-Reduces rib pain 


-Increases oxytocin, suppressing tension and anxiety and cultivating confidence for mother and her love for her baby

-Supports emotional healing of past traumas 


-Helps with digestion, reducing nausea and heartburn

-Improves absorption of nutrients

-Improves elimination 

Pregnancy massage austin tx
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