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Postpartum support St. Paul
Postpartum support Minneapolis
Postpartum support MN
Postpartum support Minnesota

“My body has given me the greatest gift of my life.” —Hilary Duff

Postpartum nourishment for YOU!

It's time to rest in your nest, baby-gaze, sleep as much as possible, get to know this new little being and fall in love. But your body, regardless of what form the birth took, just went through the journey of a lifetime...and it needs some support! Herbs, healing food and specific tools can really help, and I'm here when you don't have the bandwidth to research, locate and prepare the things that will help you heal.

You have food and herbs to choose from, as well as birth-specific products...either the vaginal or cesarean birth packages available. Fresh food prepared in your home either during or just after the birth. Once arranged, you can be wherever you want while I spend around 90 minutes in your kitchen...keep napping, take a shower, chat if you feel like it.  I am also happy to setup sitz bath for you!  All food sensitivities honored...let me know what you need! 


Organic Food Options for All:

Soups: (choose two quarts; also choose between pasture-raised bone or healing herb broths)


     -Tortilla Soup

     -Curried Garden Mix




     -Warming Ginger Squash

     -Roots-n-Leeks with Herbs and Greens

*Oils used in cooking are ghee, avocado or coconut.

Grain with Herbs: (i.e. brown rice with basil, lentils with dill)

Postpartum Tea:

(1) Growler of Fourth-Tri Postpartum Tea (nettle, red raspberry, lady's mantle, chamomile, lemon balm, rose hips, marshmallow.).

Super Powered Energy Balls ~or~ Lactation Cookies: Chock-full of easy to eat goodness!  So delicious!  Ingredients can be altered for allergies and taste preference.

Organic Postpartum Body Healing Products:

Vaginal Birth:

     -Sitz-Bath Herb Blend (tub not included).

     -Perineal Spray (witch hazel, clary sage hydrosol, aloe vera).

     -Belly Wrap: Simple cotton wrap to support you with movement, plus instruction.

Cesarean Birth:

     -Belly Wrap: Simple cotton wrap to support you with movement, plus instruction.

     -Castor Oil Pack Kit: Organic castor oil, flannel cloth, hot water bottle, 

       instruction.  For use on scar AFTER healing is complete (~8 weeks postpartum with               clearance from provider).


Cost: $180, available in the Twin Cities metro area.


Contact me at to order and arrange!

**Please reach out if you are struggling emotionally postpartum. There are many resources available, and I will help you find something that works for you. It is not uncommon for this time to be challenging, and you don't have to do it alone!

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