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I'm vaxxed!  As of April 4th, 2021 I am two weeks post second dose of the Pfizer vaccine.  Here's what will change for now:

-Pretty much nothing!  Masks, cleaning protocols, extra time between clients and laundering, forms to assess safety and check symptoms...we are still fighting the spread of this virus!  Let's do good together.

See you on the table!


Gently re-opening, September 15th, 2020.

As I have prepared diligently, and watched the Travis County numbers decrease, I am planning to re-open on September 15th, with some changes in place:  

-Time slots will be a bit more limited to allow for thorough cleaning and laundering.

-The online scheduler will require me to approve your appointment so that I can be sure the Pre-Appointment Covid Checkin form has been completed.  

-There is a SEPARATE symptom check form to be filled out on the day of your session, for every session.

Here is the information you will receive in your confirmation email so that you know what to expect!  I am hoping this will alleviate your questions or concerns, but reach out to me if you need anything:

"New Covid-19 Asks and Info:


Informed Consent Waiver: There is now a Covid symptom check form to fill out on the day of your appointment, before each session.  You can find it here:  If there are questions about your waiver, be prepared that the session might be cancelled, so try to fill it out in the morning and alert me if anything seems questionable.  


Location and parking: My office is located at 7701 N Lamar Blvd, #329 Austin, TX 78752.  It is the building closest to Lamar.  Parking is available on the sides and front of the building.  Please follow new protocol for entering.


Arriving: While we do have a small waiting room, it is not big enough for social distancing.  Please text me when you arrive and come on up to the third floor...I will meet you at the elevator/stairs.  Don't forget your mask!  It must be worn at all times once you enter the building, including during your entire massage (with an alternative for face-down time).  Here is a local place to order masks if you need one: 


New abdominal massage clients: The intake form for your session is extensive. Definitely fill it out by the day before your session so I have time to go over it and we can focus on what you are coming in for (links below).


Payment: You can pay (via Stripe) when you make the appointment, or send it via PayPal ( or Venmo (@Rachael-Wilder-2).  I won't be running cards in the office, but I also don't want to followup for payment, so please complete payment by the end of the day of your session. I have devised a way to accept checks and cash safely, so feel free to do it that way too!  Gratuity is appreciated (but not mandatory) and can be done when you pre-pay, with cash, or afterwards on an additional electronic payment.


What to expect: Text me once you arrive, then head up to the third floor and i will meet you there. Bathrooms are next to the elevators. Next you will get comfy on the table and receive an awesome massage as you always do!  Yay!  The difference will be that you (and I) will have a mask on.  It is important to keep the mask secured over your mouth and nose the whole time. 


What you can expect from me: As you might guess, I have been planning and preparing for every moment of this session.  You can expect that I have the necessary supplies and information to keep us both as safe as possible.  All surfaces, including the floor, the bathroom and of course everything you will come into contact with will be sanitized between each session.  I am stocked up with EPA approved supplies for every surface, and the protocols put out by the CDC, WHO and even more specific to massage the FSMTB.   I will be checking myself as thoroughly as I am asking of you with daily temperature and symptom checks, safe practice guidelines in the office, as well as safe practices outside the office.  I am not quarantining, so I do have contact with the outside world as I get life done, but I am doing it as safely as I can.


The importance of bodywork has reached new heights during this time,

as well as the need to do it safely!  

Together, we can.



Changes/Cancellation Policy: Cancellation fees due to suspected or confirmed Covid-19 are waived during this time.  You can visit {appointment link} to view or modify your appointment.  Please allow 24 hours for any cancellation or changes to your appointment.   If an emergency arrises in less time, please contact me directly at  50% charge on services without 24 hours notice, emergencies excepted.


Intake Forms for new clients:

Please fill the applicable form out prior to your first session.  Let me know if you have questions! 


     Abdominal Massage

     Therapeutic Massage

     Pregnancy/Postpartum Massage


See you then!


Rachael Wilder, LMT

7701 N Lamar Blvd #329 Austin, TX 78752

512-919-0132 text or talk.

Meet Aya, something good to come out of this pandemic!