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1. What is castor oil?
     ~Castor Oil Speeds up Recovery and Improves Immunity. (video link)
       ~Immunomodulation Through Castor Oil Packs. (article link)

2. How and why do I use a Faja:
       ~The Skinny on Postpartum Belly Binding. (NOTE: You don't need to buy an expensive version...a traditional faja will do! The health
           information here is great...take or leave the weight loss parts!)  (article link)

       ~Tying a Faja. (video link)
       ~Tying a Faja at Home.  (video link)

3. Why vaginal steaming/bajos?
     ~Rosita Arvigo on Yoni Steams. (article link)
      ~Vaginal Steams for Preconception to Postpartum with Rosita Arvigo. (audio link)
      ~Steamy Chick: Demystifying the V Steam. (video link)
      ~Kristina Grish: A What Steam? (article link)

4. How to work on your cesarean scar:
       ~C Section Scar Massage. (video link)

5. Other educational info by Rosita Arvigo:
     ~Preview to movie Sastun. (video link)
      ~Traditional Maya Healing for Fertility and Menstrual Irregularities. (audio link)
      ~Rosita's personal website: books, articles, workshops and more! (web link)

6. Other educational info:
       ~Endometriosis, Immune Dysfunction and the Microbiome. (article link)

7. Cultural Appropriation:
     ~Not Your Idea: Cultural Appropriation in the Birthing Community. (article link)
      ~A Chicano Community in San Diego is Outraged Over a White Woman's Attempt to Open a Modern Fruteria. (article link)

*My relationship to cultural appropriation is constantly evolving. To me, the path is not always clear, so I try to keep moving in it; to keep looking at how I may be participating and changing my ways in response. These are very clear, honest and critical looks at the concept, practice and definition of cultural appropriation. Please always feel free to discuss this with me--I'd be happy to share my experience and hear yours in the spirit of evolution.

Check back in for more!

Photo by Nick Collister
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