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About Me

Tree-filled forest with filtered light; massage therapy minneapolis St. Paul MN Minnesota
Awakened Nature abdominal massage Minneapolis St. Paul


Reproductive system health

Digestive system health

Musculoskeletal system health

Prenatal/postnatal massage

Stress reduction

Pain resolution

Health education

Wellness encouragement



To begin, I grew up on the Saint Croix river in eastern Minnesota, traversing sandstone cliffs and swimming as often as possible--learning daily about nature, human and not. As a young adult, the complexity of human nature grew, traveling and living in "intentional communities". The physical demands of rural life led me to explore bodywork in many of its' forms, and eventually to massage therapy.  


As a massage therapist since 2009, I come from a background of anatomically and energetically focused structural work. My training at Lauterstein-Conway Massage School, through the Upledger Institute, and with the Arvigo Institute brings my skills, interest and personal life experience into my practice. I am grateful and honored to have the ability to address peoples' needs through all of these modalities, including the wisdom of Rosita Arvigo and her teachers, Don Elijio Panti and Miss Hortense Robinson. This traditional modality gently frees the abdominal organs, opening the flow through and around them for optimal function. Because both muscle and organ systems run through and root in our center, many difficulties and imbalances can be held there. The physical and emotional relief that can come from loosening the tension patterns at your center are profound and I invite you to 'meet your belly'!


My initial and advanced training in massage therapy, experience in addressing chronic pain, stress and injury, and the rich education I have received in abdominal massage have given me a wide lens to address your concerns in a customized way. Whether you are coming in for life's aches and pains, repetitive stress, general life stress or abdominal massage, I will meet you there! My studio is centrally located in St. Paul with abundant street parking. I look forward to meeting you and helping to open the pathway towards health!                                                       

In gratitude,

Rachael Wilder, LMT

MN License#: 20230001612

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