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"It's not so much the meaning of life we seek, but our aliveness. Once we have that, the meaning of life is obvious."

~Anodea Judith

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Journey toward health...


My practice is centered around creating space and opening the path of flow in the body.  "Where there is no circulation, there is not function" is a foundational concept to me, whether I am working with musculature and connective tissue, organ systems, energy and emotion or the relationship between belief patterns and postural ones. I invite you to dive into your evolution with increased awareness, less pain and discomfort, and more joy!​

My Practice


I am a massage therapist well trained and experienced at addressing your need for pain resolution, be it musculoskeletal or related to digestion and/or reproductive system health. I have a foundation in structural bodywork at an intuitive depth and pace, along with extensive training in abdominal massage, including with Rosita Arvigo and the Mayan wisdom she was blessed (and worked hard!) to receive. There are innumerable physical, emotional and spiritual imbalances we can address via the abdomen, and beyond!

Rachael Wilder and Rosita Arvigo; Maya Mayan abdominal massage St. Paul MN Minneapolis Minnesota
Book cover: image of pelvis with multicolroed backgraound, title of book The People's Pelvis An All-Age, All Gender Coloring Tour of Pelvic Health

Author of :

The People's Pelvis: An All-Age, All-Gender Coloring Tour of Pelvic Health!

The People’s Pelvis is a fun journey through pelvic, sexual and emotional health!  This unique book transforms anatomical information into direct, everyday language and practical advice. Accompanying coloring pages illustrate the information and playfully empower readers to take their health into their own hands. Learn fascinating details about human bodies and how to care for them with a new look at the all-important, yet little-understood pelvic region. 

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