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Vaginal/Perineal Steam 

Perineal vaginal steam MN

Booking a Session:

Perineal steam only available in a followup Arvigo or therapeutic massage session. Please fill out the corresponding intake form (link in your confirmation email).


Vaginal/Perineal Steaming:

Many cultures have variations on this practice. In the Mayan traditions of Mexico and Central America, this practice is an extension of herbalism, used to treat many physical, emotional and spiritual illnesses or issues. Herbs specific to your issues and goals are brewed into a nutrient-rich tea for the steam. Along with gentle warmth, the volatile oils in the herbs can absorb into the mucosal tissues to either warm, open and invigorate or cool, soothe and heal. Fertility issues, chronic pelvic floor/vaginal tension or back pain, uterine or (some) vaginal pathologies, past trauma, painful intercourse, physical and/or energetic stagnation...these are some of the reasons a 'V-Steam' might be for you! Come on in for your initial steam, then I can walk you through how to do them at home! Steam only available in either a followup Arvigo or therapeutic massage session.


Heat is contraindicated during any active infection, so that would NOT be a time to steam! Also, if you are currently pregnant or menstruating we should wait until afterwards. Contact me for specific questions.

Please feel free to contact me via the contact page, phone or email if you have specific questions.  New clients must schedule online.


50% charge for cancellations without 24 hours notice, emergencies accepted.

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