Greetings from HOME fellow humans!


I sincerely hope this finds you healthy and well and not too stir crazy.  I sure do wish I could see you all in person!


I wanted to let you know that I am closed during this community virus episode, as massage is WAY closer than social distancing!  It is a very uncertain time for many of us, but I believe self-care will get us through...whatever that means to you.  Breathing, actually, opens up infinite amounts of space in my body and spirit...does it for you?


I am not sure what the signal will be to go back to massaging, but I will let you know when it sounds.  May it be both safe and SOON!


The other reason I write is to let you know that my office space, Soma Vida, will be closing at the end of April.  What timing!!  Luckily I found this out before the pandemic hit and I ventured out into the jungle of Austin office rentals...and found a great spot!  It all rolled out pretty easily, so I feel grateful.


My new space, as of May 1st will be at 4107 Medical Parkway, Austin, TX 78756.  It is definitely a different part of town, but still central and parking should be easier.  I hope this works for you all!  I have attached a fancy internet picture of it below.


Here, also, is a link to the option to purchase gift certificates, if you are able and want to get set up for the healthiest of futures... they are on sale!


And finally, here is a beautiful production to keep hope and connection alive during this time:


Sending therapeutic doses of health, hope,

and creative at home fun!