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Update: 6/12/20

With much concern about the dramatic increase in both case numbers and hospitalization levels in Travis County, I am saddened to say that I am delaying my opening.  This is an incredibly complex time and decision, and while there are different points of view to take, I cannot in good conscience walk right into these numbers as if they aren't happening. 

I know this is disappointing...I am ready to get back to work, and many of you are ready to get back to massage.  I pride myself on being present and reliable, so this is extra crazy-making, but I see no clear path forward other than taking it day-by-day, week-by-week, and following the data and my gut.

I truly hope to see you soon!


UPDATE: 6/8/20

After preparing as best as I can to resume practicing as safely as possible, I am opening up my schedule!  Schedule starts Tuesday, June 23rd, first come, first served!  I will be limiting numbers and hours during this time.  There will be important information in your confirmation email on what to expect and how to proceed...PLEASE READ IT!  The most important things for you to know is that you will need to arrive with a mask, having filled out the informed consent waiver THAT DAY.  Other details like how to enter are included. 

Let's stay healthy people, and I hope to see you soon!

Here is a direct link to the schedule.

And here is another local company with an easy mask ordering process!

UPDATE: 5/22/20

Greetings out there folks!


I am due for an update, for as some of you know, the governor opened up much of Texas this past Monday, including massage.  Without getting too political, I'll just say that the idea that we go from masks and plexiglass to massaging in a little room is bonkers!  I know you are all in a different spot on the spectrum of how you feel about...well everything, and I fluctuate as well as I navigate this unprecedented situation.


Personally, I want to see the numbers go down, and I would like to see what happens when we re-open less personal businesses.  But here we I am making a plan that feels responsible to both myself and my clients...I hope you agree, or at least understand!


My current plan is to open on Tuesday, June 23rd.   That will give time for the current mayhem to play out and we can look at the results.  I know this is later than I previously has become clear that we won't know the results of this week until into June, so I am rolling with it.  My sincere hope is that something will cause this virus to fade, and we can all be less distant with each other!  There will still be new protocols in place, and I will let you know what they are before you come in.


I will be seeing less people/day, to make space for thorough cleaning in-between each of you, and daily laundering.  I also am ordering supplies to create a cleanable environment.  To account for all of this, I made a slight price increase to account for all of this.


Another change is that I have eliminated the 75- and 90- minute therapeutic ('regular') massage session options.  This has actually been on my radar for awhile now, as a body-saving act on my part.  But now I will be working in a mask...which is HOT!  If you have a package or gift certificate, it will certainly be honored, and happily so...I love my forever clients!  


I will send out another communication when I open up my schedule, with everything you need to know before you arrive.  It will include mask wearing, so if you don't have one, start shopping!  Here is a local dance wear company that has shifted to making them:


As always, in health,

Rachael is something I have been doing during this time...facilitating monarch success!

Update: 5/12/20

Hello to everyone out there!

Inquiries are starting to trickle in about the when and how of opening back up, so I thought I would post an update.  I hope all is well in your worlds, considering these strange times.

Currently it is illegal to perform massage in Texas...for good reason of course!  There is a discrepancy between the Governors timeline for opening up massage (May 18th) and the Mayors (June 1st)...although neither are being very clear when it comes to massage, specifically (Info links below.). It is difficult to see in a storm, and massage is a particular type of work where I come into direct contact with ~85% fo the body!  


Given the lack of clarity, the rising numbers, and the very close proximity of massage, I want to err on the side of caution.  If this first phase of opening up goes well, I plan to slowly start seeing clients on Tuesday, June 2nd, with new protocols in place, including mask wearing.  After needing to twice do rounds of cancellations, I am not opening up my schedule until I feel sure it will likely the week before.


I know people are especially needing massage during this time, so I look forward to getting back to work!


Be well until then!


Stay-at-home order extended, KVUE

Actual order, in legalese.


Greetings from HOME fellow humans!


I sincerely hope this finds you healthy and well and not too stir crazy.  I sure do wish I could see you all in person!


I wanted to let you know that I am closed during this community virus episode, as massage is WAY closer than social distancing!  It is a very uncertain time for many of us, but I believe self-care will get us through...whatever that means to you.  Breathing, actually, opens up infinite amounts of space in my body and spirit...does it for you?


I am not sure what the signal will be to go back to massaging, but I will let you know when it sounds.  May it be both safe and SOON!

In the meantime, I am offering online abdominal massage consultations and self care instruction!  Info here.  Schedule by email at


The other reason I write is to let you know that my office space, Soma Vida, will be closing at the end of April.  What timing!!  Luckily I found this out before the pandemic hit and I ventured out into the jungle of Austin office rentals...and found a great spot!  It all rolled out pretty easily, so I feel grateful.


My new space, as of May 1st will be at 4107 Medical Parkway, Austin, TX 78756.  It is definitely a different part of town, but still central and parking should be easier.  I hope this works for you all!  I have attached a picture of it below, alongside a sweet little garden behind the building...more details here.


Here, also, is a link to the option to purchase gift certificates, if you are able and want to get set up for the healthiest of futures... they are on sale!


And finally, here is a beautiful production to keep hope and connection alive during this time:


Sending therapeutic doses of health, hope,

and creative at home fun!


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