Dr. Rosita Arvigo

                                                                   Rosita's relationship to herbs has spanned her lifetime, across North America into Mexico and                                                                            Central America.  Born to immigrant parents in 1941 Chicago, as a young adult she travelled to the                                                                      mountains of  Southern  Mexico to learn survival from (and with) the land.  Herbs as food and                                                                              medicine were an  imperative knowledge, and she soaked up the wisdom of the locals with her own                                                                    fascination.   Settling in the jungle of Belize in 1977, she eventually formed a relationship with an                                                                        lifelong indigenous healer, Don Elijio Panti, with whom she apprenticed for 12 years.  She also                                                                              worked with an herbal midwife, Miss Hortence Robinson who imparted both indigenous herbal and pregnancy/birth/postpartum care.  She continues to live and teach just up the hill from the land she first loved in the Cayo district of Belize.  Rosita has a great combination of an open and generous heart, a feisty spirit, and endless curiosity about the world around her. Because of this, her story is fascinating, action-packed, and full of meaningful life work.  The progress she has made with the indigenous healers of Belize, work to protect the rainforest, focus on educating the children of Belize, and helping raise awareness of the profound healing possible by working with the uterus and abdomen is incomparable.  As a colleague once said, "'Aint no moss gonna grow on her!".  You can find Rosita giving talks about herbalism worldwide, teaching bodywork, spiritual healing and herbalism in Belize and around the world, leading herb walks at the Chicago Botanical Garden, writing manuals, articles, herb and fiction books, playing with her grandchildren, tending her garden, telling stories about her many (often hilarious) adventures, conspiring with other herbalists and bodyworkers, and so much more!  She may one day slow down, so catch her if you can!  Learn more about her story here, and read her page-turning autobiography, Sastun: My Apprenticeship with a Maya Healer.

                                                                  Ginger Webb

                                                                   Ginger is the owner/operator of Texas Medicinals, and her home and apothecary are nestled into                                                                        the heart  of East Austin.  You can find her remedies in many local shops as she has been a gem to                                                                      the community for over 20 years!  When her daughter was young, she started a program for young                                                                      girls called, "Little Green Witches" and has added an herbal school for adults, "Sacred                                                                                            Journey School of Herbalism."  She grows and sustainably harvests most of the herbs in her                                                                                tinctures and teas.  Find her schedule of classes, schedule an individual consultation, or see what's                                                                      new here!

                                                                   Ellen Zimmerman

                                                   Ellen Zimmermann, M.A., Certified Herbalist founded EZ Herbs in 1995. Ellen is a Certified                                                                                Herbalist, a Licensed Professional Counselor, a Marriage and Family Therapist and an avid                                                                                  gardener. She has successfully blended these professions to fulfill her mission of educating others                                                                      on how to best use the plants and herbs we can grow in our own environment.

                                                                      "I live in Harmony with Nature on my 5 acre Botanical Sanctuary. I love to share my home, garden                                                                           and tranquil property as I bring the garden into the herb shop and into the classroom on a daily                                                                                 basis.  I am committed to “Sharing the Wisdom of the Plants” with all, and I love to do just that."  

                                                                      Ellen's offerings (complete with a video tour of her garden!) can be found here.

                                                                   Nicole Telkes

                                                   "I am a weedcrafter working hard to get an herbalist into every home.  My practice focuses on                                                                              using herbal therapeutics and bodywork (massage and other treatments) to restore the body to                                                                            balance.  My first love is being outside and spending time with the plants, especially bioregional                                                                          medicinals.   My practice consists of seeing clients, teaching at and directing the Wildflower School                                                                    of Botanical Medicine, and offering a fully stocked herbal apothecary with custom formulations to                                                                      clients and students. I believe strongly in honoring, respecting, and protecting the Earth through                                                                        all my work.  I have been practicing, collecting herbs, and teaching since 2000." 

                                                                   Nicole is a lifelong teacher and student of herbs...find out what she's up to here!

We are so blessed for these women!  You can find some of their powerful remedies in my office.